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  La Noyeraie:


'La Noyeraie' is peaceful, varied, organic, natural haven. Think about the nursery, the farm, de campsite, the gîte, the orchards and the woodlands with its young arboretum. Built around 1850, the limousine farm was part of brickwork's property. The buildings are in between the showgardens, the vegetable garden and it's aromatic garden. The blooming fields filled up with butterflies, lakes with frogs and dragon flies, forest with bees and whistling birds, the squirrels find their way in the new-planted walnut orchards (la Noyeraie). It's a taste of paradise.

The way they farmed in the fifties and sixties, the goats mowing the hidden corners and the donkeys screaming in an edge of a blooming field, ducks and hens wander round the gardens, Garlic, onions. onions and shallots are knitted in the evenings. Fresh flowers from the garden are decorating the house.

It's all organic, not the law but a respect for nature, not the quantities but the qualities. Fertilizing is done with a mix of manure, compost and nettle extract. Treatments are rarely needed in small scale farming with crop rotation. The ducks eat the snails, the narcissus frightens the mice and the onion tea kills the aphids.